The “Device” page is where most links to hardware and data sources are created. This is done through the addition of drivers. Drivers are application programs that (in most cases) establish a communication link to hardware and provide an eze.io interface. This is similar to drivers, programs and apps that you would load on your phone, tablet or personal computer. For some such as “GPS receiver GN-803G” or the Expansion CAN port activation“ adding and saving changes is all that is required. Other driver's settings will range in complexity based on the requirements of the device or the level of customization provided by the driver.

Adding a device

To add a device, please follow these steps:

  1. (From the Configure screen) select the “Devices” tab
  2. At the bottom of the left panel click the Add Device button (This will bring up a list of available device drivers)
  3. Select the appropriate driver and click Add Driver

Most drivers have some settings that needs to be properly set before the driver can be functional. For example, all Modbus RTU devices require a device address to be set.

Make your selections for the new driver and click Save Changes.

Finally, enable your new driver by checking the Active box, and then save your changes again.

The driver will now start working, and you should see values populate in the “Available register” list.

Select the register values that you want to show as fields by checking the corresponding checkboxes, and click Add selected to Fields. This will create new Fields, complete with “Data expression” and some default settings.

The following packages are available:

SKU Package name Purpose
Basic services Included with basic service subscription
SU2200 I/O expansion I/O expansion devices
SU2201 Meters Energy and flow meters
SU2202 Sensors Sensors
SU2203 Temperature control Temperature control applications, thermostats
SU2204 Light duty electrical Light duty electrical control applications
SU2205 Heavy duty electrical Heavy duty electrical control applications

Basic services

97CCS WattNodeMODBUSCCS Continental Control SystemEnergy MeterWattNodeBasic
3CCS WattNode [OBSOLETE]MODBUSCCS Continental Control SystemsEnergy MeterWattNodemodbus
6ezeio Generic Modbus Driver, 15 regMODBUSeze Systemgenericgenerictest only
64ezeio Modbus Port SetupMODBUSeze SystemModbus settingezeio mkII
126ezeio Fields via LANMODBUSeze Systemgeneral purposeezeio90 fields
168ezeio 8I8O Expansion Module, ModbusMODBUSeze SystemI/O Expanderezeio I/O expander8in, 8 dout, 2 aout
2ezeio GPS receiver GN-803GSDI12eze SystemGPSGPS receiverGN-803G
65ezeio Expansion CAN port activationCANeze Systemezeio I/O expanderezeio mkII
1ezeio Standard I/O for ezeio mkIICOREeze SystemControllerezeio mkIImkII standard
4ezeio Advanced I/O for ezeio mkII [OBSOLETE]COREeze SystemControllerezeio mkIImkII standard
62ezeio Discrete inputCOREeze SystemDiscrete sensorezeio mkII
68ezeio Discrete outputCOREeze SystemDiscrete outputezeio mkII
69ezeio systemCOREeze SystemSystem infoezeio
105ezeio Pulse inputCOREeze SystemDiscrete inputFlow/energy meter
122ezeio Weather ForecastCOREeze SystemWeather
143ezeio Runtime_ServiceCOREeze SystemRuntime & Servicelogic
145ezeio ThermistorCOREeze SystemThermistorResistive temperature probe
156ezeio MicroBMS logicCOREeze SystemMicroBMS for small building
177ezeio PID controlCOREeze SystemPID control
188ezeio Lighting Control LogicCOREeze SystemLighting Control LogicLogic
205General purpose register list COREeze SystemRegister list
220DMX512 8 channel outputCOREeze SystemDMX Light control output
238Accumulator differenceCOREeze SystemLogicAccumulator difference
258FormC alarm contactCOREeze SystemDiscrete alarm contact
24ezeio Core driversCATEGORYeze SystemCoreezeio
71Globalsat MR350S4 GPSSDI12GlobalsatGPSMR350-S4MR350-S4
246PowercomboMODBUSLithionBattery StorageGridbox10GB-100
226Shelly relay outputMODBUSShellyRelay output
255Shelly Pro EnergyMeterMODBUSShellyEnergy meterPro 3EMPro 3EM
129TopGNSS GPS RS232SDI12TopGNSSGPSGPS receiverGN-8603G
190TZone THT-02/03 RH/Temp sensorMODBUSTZoneRH/Temp sensorTHT-02/03
11RH/Temp sensor, StickMODBUSZGCJRH/Temp sensorStick sensorZGCJ

Drivers I/O

31ezeio Expander I/OCOREeze SystemI/O Expanderezeio I/O expander8in, 8 dout, 2 aout
94Intech 2400-A16MODBUSIntechMicroI/O expander2400-A16
95Intech 2400-R2MODBUSIntechMicroRelay module2400-R2
96Intech 2400-MMODBUSIntechMicroInput MUX expander2400-M
15Procon Promux RO4MODBUSProconI/O ExpanderPromux RO4RO4
16Procon Promux 16DOMODBUSProconI/O ExpanderPromux 16DO16DO
18Promux 8AI/IMODBUSProconI/O ExpanderPromux 8AI/I8AI/I
19Procon Promux 8AI/VMODBUSProconI/O ExpanderPromux 8AI/V8AI/V
22Procon Promux 8AOMODBUSProconI/O ExpanderPromux PM8xOPM8xO
20Procon Promux 8TCMODBUSProconI/O ExpanderPromux 8TC8TC
21Promux 6RTDMODBUSProconI/O ExpanderPromux 6RTDPM6RTD
132Procon Promux 16 DIMODBUSProconI/O ExpanderPromux 16DI16DI
133Procon Promux 8DIOMODBUSProconI/O ExpanderPromux 8DIO8DIO
23Procon Promux I/O expansion devicesCATEGORYProconI/O ExpanderPromux series
26Produal MIO 12-PTMODBUSProdualI/O expanderMIO I/O moduleMIP 12-PT
77Temco T3-4AO moduleMODBUSTemco ControlsI/O expanderT3-4AOT3-4AO

Drivers Meters

14ABB energy meter B23/B24MODBUSABBEnergy MeterB23/B24B23/B24
185ABB TotalFlow NGCMODBUSABBGas ChromatographTotalflow NGC 8206
173AccuEnergy ACUDC 240MODBUSAccuEnergyDC Energy and Power meterAcuDCAcuDC 240
207AccuEnergy AcyRev1300MODBUSAccuEnergyEnergy meterAcuRev1300131x
179Bender PEM353MODBUSBenderEnergy MeterLinetraxxPEM353
47Carlo Gavazzi EM34xMODBUSCarlo GavazziEnergy MeterSeries 300EM3xx - ET3xx
158Carlo Gavazzi EM2xMODBUSCarlo GavazziEnergy MeterSeries 20EM21/EM24
98CCS WattNode-AdvancedMODBUSCCS Continental Control SystemEnergy MeterWattNodeAdvanced
124CCS WattNode-Advanced with DemandMODBUSCCS Continental Control SystemEnergy MeterWattNodeAdvanced with Demand
3CCS WattNode [OBSOLETE]MODBUSCCS Continental Control SystemsEnergy MeterWattNodemodbus
41CCS WattNode (advanced) [OBSOLETE]MODBUSCCS Continental Control SystemsEnergy MeterWattNodeWND-M1-MB
147Circutor EDMk-MCMODBUSCircutorEnergy MeterEDMk-MC
42DENT PowerScout RTUMODBUSDent InstrumentsEnergy MeterPowerScout3037/12HD/48HD
43DENT PowerScout TCPMODBUSDent InstrumentsEnergy MeterPowerScout3037/12HD/48HD
201Eastron single phase meterMODBUSEastronEnergy meterSingle phase meterSDM230
210Eastron SDM120MODBUSEastronEnergy meterSDM120
32Elkor WattsOnII energy meterMODBUSElkor TechnologiesEnergy MeterWattsOn II-
127ezeio Demand monitorCOREeze SystemStatic Demand windowDemand window montor
131ezeio CAISO Energy PricingCOREeze SystemCA ISO API5-minute real time pricing
178Fineco EM115MODBUSFineco ElectricEnergy MeterSingle phase energy meterEM115-Mod
82Grundfos pump CIM200MODBUSGrundfosPumpCIM/CIU 200CIM200
161IME Nemo Electrical MeterMODBUSIMEEnergy / Power MeterNemo D4NEMO
123Kamstrup Multical 62 flow meterMODBUSKamstrupWater flow meterMultical 62 Comm moduleStandard Datagram
139Lanry SC7 Water meterMODBUSLanry InstrumentsUltrasonic Water meterSC7
46LongrunCN LRF-2000MMODBUSLongrunCNFlow meter, UltrasonicLRF-2000MLRF-2000M
121Measurlogic meterMODBUSMeasurlogicEnergy MeterDTS/SKT family3xx,SKT
204IT-DIN isolation monitorMODBUSMegaconIsolation monitorIT-DIN
191Siemens 7KT PAC1600MODBUSSiemensEnergy Meter7KT PAC1600 energy meter7KT1651, 1652, 1661, 1662, 1665, 1666
192Siemens SENTRON POC1000MODBUSSiemensSENTRON Power monitor receiverSENTRON 7KN1110 POC10007KN1110 POC1000
194Siemens SENTRON 5SL6 Circuit breakerMODBUSSiemensSENTRON Circuit breakerSENTRON 5SL6 Circuit breaker5SL6 COM
195Siemens SENTRON 5SV6 Arc fault detectorMODBUSSiemensSENTRON Arc fault detectorSENTRON 5SLV6 Arc fault detector5SLV6 COM
196Siemens SENTRON 5ST3 aux switchMODBUSSiemensSENTRON Aux switchSENTRON 5ST35ST3 COM
200Siemens PAC2200 energy meterMODBUSSiemensEnergy meterPAC2200PAC2200
249Siemens SENTRON 5ST3 RCAMODBUSSiemensSENTRON Remote Control AuxiliarySENTRON 5ST3 RCA5ST3 RCA
254Siemens PAC4200 energy meterMODBUSSiemensEnergy meterPAC4200PAC4200
114Socomec U-10MODBUSSocomecVoltage meterDIRIS DigiwareU-10
115Socomec I-30MODBUSSocomecCurrent meterDIRIS DigiwareI-30
116Socomec I-60MODBUSSocomecCurrent meterDIRIS DigiwareI-60
256Socomec DIRIS-MCM MeterMODBUSSocomecEnergy meterDIRIS MCM12, 24, 48
229TELE eCap Power MeterMODBUSTELE HaaseEnergy meterTELE eCap Power SensoreCap G4SR480V5A02CAA
197WAGO Energymeter with push-in clampsMODBUSWAGO / KDKEnergy MeterMeter with Push-in-CAGE CLAMP879-30x0

Drivers Sensors

152Apogee SP-522MODBUSApogeePyranometerThermopile PyranometerSP-522
10Bewis Compass & AccelerometerMODBUSBewisAccelerometerSEC345SEC345
138Campbell Scientific CS320SDI12Campbell ScientificPyranometerThermopile PyranometerCS320
154CS Instruments VA520MODBUSCS InstrumentsFlow sensorVA520
7Davis Weather StationSDI12Davis InstrumentsWeather StationVantage ProPro2
39E+E EE210 RH/Temp sensorMODBUSE+E Elektronik Messgeräte RH/Temp sensorEE210EE210
40E+E EE610 Differential Pressure SensorCOREE+E Elektronik Messgeräte Differential pressure sensorEE610EE610
150ezeio Cabinet/door latch controlCOREeze SystemLatch controlLogic module
257Air scienceCOREeze System, IncAir analysis driver
169Hukseflux SR05-DxxxMODBUSHuksefluxPyranometerSR05SR05-D1A3
222Concrete Sensor, InvisenseCOREInvisense ABConcrete sensor
128Linovision IOT Ambient noise meterMODBUSLinovisionNoise meterIOT-S300NOIS
146Linovision IOT S300AQ Air Quality SensorMODBUSLinovisionAir quality sensorIOT-S300AQIOT-S300AQ
134METER Atmos 22 AnemometerSDI12METER Group Inc.AnemometerAtmos 22 UltrasonicAtmos 22
180Monnit Modbus GatewayMODBUSMonnitWireless sensor networkSerial Modbus GatewayALTA
181Monnit Temp/RHMODBUSMonnitWireless RH/Temperature sensorRelative Humidity sensorALTA
182Monnit DoorSwitchMODBUSMonnitWireles Door switchDoor sensorALTA
242Monnit Temperature sensorMODBUSMonnitWireless temperature sensorTemperature sensorALTA
183Monnit wireless systemCATEGORYMonnitGateway (Serial Modbus)
172Ocean Vision IS-MOD-0100MODBUSOcean VisionGas solenoidi-SubmergeIS-MOD-0100
228Modbus InjectorMODBUSOceanVisionModbus injectorIS-MOD-0200
227pH SensorMODBUSOceanVision / NengshipH sensorDigital pH sensorIS-MOD-0150 / ASPS21xx
206Omega SP-016 Heat Flux ProbeMODBUSOmegaHeat Flux ProbeSP-016
174RH/Temp sensorMODBUSOpen Source HardwareRH/Temp sensorHTB1/SHT20
12Produal PEL-M pressure sensorMODBUSProdualPressure sensorPELPEL-M
36Senix ToughSonic 14MODBUSSenixUltrasonic distance meterToughSonic 14TSPC-N1S1-485A
203Sensecap pH sensorMODBUSSensecappH sensorS-pH-01version 2
8Sentek Drill & DropSDI12SentekSoil sensorDrill & DropSeries III, 48"
92Temco PM 2.5 sensorMODBUSTemco ControlsAir quality sensorPM 2.5
79Terabee IND-TOF-1 distance sensorMODBUSTerabeeDistance sensorTime of flight sensorIND-TOF-1
142TSI AEROTRAKMODBUSTSIAir quality sensorAEROTRAK72xx,73xx,75xx
230TurtleTough DSS Controller - ORP sensorMODBUSTurtleToughORP sensorDSS Smart ORP
231TurtleTough DSS Controller - pH sensorMODBUSTurtleToughpH sensorDSS Smart pH
232TurtleTough DSS Controller - Wide ORP sensorMODBUSTurtleToughWide ORP sensorDSS Smart Wide ORP
233TurtleTough DSS Controller - DO sensorMODBUSTurtleToughDissolved Oxygen sensorDSS Smart DO
234TurtleTough DSS Controller - Ion sensorMODBUSTurtleToughIon sensorDSS Smart Ion
235TurtleTough DSS Controller - Conductivity sensorMODBUSTurtleToughConductivity sensorDSS Smart Conductivity
45Vaisala HMP60/110MODBUSVaisalaRH/Temp sensorHumidity and Temp probeHMP60/110
38YDHT RH/Temp sensor, ProbeMODBUSYDHTRH/Temp sensorWaterproof sensorYDHT-06-C
49YSI EXO 599825 SondeMODBUSYSIWater Quality SensorEXO Modbus Adapter599825
11RH/Temp sensor, StickMODBUSZGCJRH/Temp sensorStick sensorZGCJ

Drivers Temperature control

208Bes-Tech DigiRTUMODBUSBes-TechHVAC controllerDigi-RTU
100CAREL EVD TwinMODBUSCARELHVAC ControlsExpansion Valve DriverEVD evolution twin
198Marvair Commstat4MODBUSMarvairAir conditioning unitCommstat4
119Shimaden SR91MODBUSShimadenTemperature controllerTemperature controllerSR91
125Shimaden SR23MODBUSShimadenTemperature controllerTemp/humidity controllerSR23

Drivers Light duty electrical

241Airmaster S1MODBUSAirmasterCompressor controllerAirmaster S1S1
58CAREL EVD evo twin (Bluon)MODBUSCARELHVAC ControlsExpansion Valve DriverEVD evolution twin
60CAREL EVD evoMODBUSCARELHVAC ControlsExpansion valve driverEVD evolution
199Eaton PowerXpert UPSMODBUSEatonUPSPowerXpert9PX 1000G interface
243Smartpack S Charge controllerMODBUSEltekCharge controllerSmartpack SSmartpack S
93Epever Tracer MPPT controllerMODBUSEP Solar Technology Co.Ltd.MPPT charge controllerEPEVER TracerTracer-AN
59Fuji Frenic Mini VFDMODBUSFujiVFDFrenicMini
202Generac ATS XMODBUSGeneracAutomatic Transfer SwitchTX seriesTX611
262Implenia Tunnel Fan ControlMODBUSHolteFan control
186KorePower KP-MC Battery ControllerMODBUSKorePowerBattery management controllerKorePower MP-MCKP-MC
117Morningstar Tristar-MPPTMODBUSMorningstarBattery chargerTristarMPPTTSS-MPPT-30/45/60
261Narada 48NPFC200MODBUSNaradaBackup batteryNPFC/MPLhE Series48NPFC200
84Outback Charge ControllerMODBUSOutback PowerCharge ControllerFLEXmaxFLEXmax 60/80
85Outback inverterMODBUSOutback PowerInverterRadian Series
86Outback FLEXnet-DCMODBUSOutback PowerSystem controllerFLEXnet-DC
83Outback AXSMODBUSOutbackPowerSunSpec Modbus InterfaceAXS Port
149WaterSamMODBUSWaterSamWater samplerWS Porti Mobile Sampler

Drivers Heavy duty electrical

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