API endpoint : https://api.eze.io/v1


API credentials must be created for the account. The credentials consists of an ID number and a 24 character key. Please keep the API credentials secret.

All API calls require authentication using Digest Auth (RFC 2617). The API ID number shall be used as the Digest Auth Username, and the API key shall be used as the Password.

All API calls require HTTPS using TLS v1.2 or TLS v1.3. Calls via unencrypted HTTP are not allowed.

All API calls return data encoded in JSON. The response include the time of the request (reqtime) and a result code in (status). If the call was successful, the status will be “OK”. If there was an error, status will be a string detailing the error.

This section contains example code in PHP, however most development frameworks and languages can be used to interface to the ezeio API. There is no dependency on any special language or operating system.

Please note that using the API requires knowledge in programming and standard web technologies. eze System is happy to support with specifics related to the API, but we can't teach programming.

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