Return data from the system log.




serial The serial number of the ezeio (XYZ987)
from=datetime The beginning of the range. Format per RFC3339 or 1d/1h/1m
to=datetime The end of the range. Format per RFC3339. If not given, current time is assumed.
fields (optional) Comma separated list of fields. Possible fields are 1-90, GPSx, GPSy, GPSz, GPSsignal. If not given, all fields are returned.
interval (optional) Sample interval. Given as a number followed by 'd', 'h' or 'm' for day, hour or minute.
aggregation (optional) Method of aggregation. Only valid if interval is given.
“raw” (optional) Only return values actually stored in database.

The from parameter can be given as number of minutes/hours/days relative to current time. For example from=17h means “17 hours ago”.

If no interval is given, an automatic interval will be calculated based on the size of the range. This is to ensure the amount of data returned is reasonable.

If range >= 365 days, interval will be 1 day.
If range >= 60 days, interval will be 6 hours.
If range >= 7 days, interval will be 1 hour.
For smaller ranges than 7 days, the interval will be 10 minutes.

Under no circumstances will the call return more than 5000 rows of data.

Aggregation modes:

mean : The mean (average) of samples in the interval
mode : The mode (most common value)
median : The middle value of sorted samples in the interval
min : The smallest value
max : The largest value
sum : The sum of all samples in the interval
spread : The difference between the highest and the lowest value in the interval
count : The number of samples in the interval

Example usage

15 day interval using defaults:


Specifying fields:


Available fields are:

# Field # value, where # is an integer, 1-90
ADC# Raw ADC reading, where # is 0-10. 8=DC in, 9=Terminal DC, 10=5V terminal
out# Raw output status, where # is 0, 1, 2 or 3
fRunning 1=Logic running. 0=Logic halted
ethComm 1=Ethernet connection available. 0=No Ethernet connection
ethLink 1=Ethernet link availabe. 0=No Ethernet link
GPSx Location x-coordinate (latitude)
GPSy Location y-coordinate (longitude)
GPSz Location z-coordinate (elevation)
GPSsignal GPS received signal
gpsLock 1=GPS received has locked in signals from the satellites. 0=no lock
groupid The group ID associated with this unit
uptime Uptime in seconds
gsmComm 1=Cellular data connection established. 0=No cellular data
gsmLink 1=Cellular service found. 0=No cell service
gsmNet 1=Cellular IP acquired. 0=No connection
cID Cell tower ID
cLAC Cell location area code
cMCC Cell network MCC
cMNC Cell network MNC
cRSSI Cell received signal level

Hourly max values:


Return value

JSON formatted data

(below examples have whitespaces added for readability)

Example query:
    // ** Entries removed for brevity **
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