There are three LED indicators on the front of the ezeio. These can provide valuable information about the status of the unit and how the communication is working.

Indicator Purpose
Ethernet Shows the status if the Ethernet connection
Cellular Shows the status of the cellular wireless connection
Server Shows the status of the server communication and if the internal logic is running

If neither the Ethernet or the Cellular connection is successful, the connection to the server is not possible, so the Server LED will only be green if at least one of the Ethernet or Cellular connection are also green.

Immediately on startup or reset, the LED's will show a green/red 'running' pattern for a few seconds.

If during startup the Ethernet and Cellular LED's flash RED rapidly while the Server LED is off, this means the input voltage is too high (>30 VDC).

If during startup the Cellular and Server LED's flash RED rapidly while the Ethernet LED is off, this means the input voltage is too low (<10.5 VDC).

During normal operation, each of the LED's will indicate the status if it's resource independent of the other LED's. Please check each LED's pattern against the below tables.

The ETHERNET indicator

OFF No Ethernet (physical) connection
GREEN Ethernet connection established
slow RED blink Ethernet connection disabled (in software)
RED - RED - RED - pause Waiting for DHCP server
RED - RED - GREEN - pause Fixed IP set. Looking for DNS.
RED - GREEN - GREEN - pause DHCP address acquired. Looking for DNS.
slow GREEN blink Fixed IP set. No gateway programmed. LAN comm only.

The CELLULAR indicator

OFF Cell modem is off / not available
GREEN, short off 1-5 times Connected to network. 1-5 signal quality (5 is best)
fast RED blink Cell modem powered off by software
short RED pulse 1s apart Trying to start up cell modem
short RED pulse 20s apart SIM not detected / faulty / locked
RED - RED - RED - pause Searching for cellular carrier network
RED - RED - GREEN - pause Network found. Trying to register.
RED - GREEN - GREEN - pause Registered with network. Trying to get data connection.
RED - GREEN alternating Cellular connection lost. Trying to re-establish.
RED Cellular connection lost. Waiting to reconnect.
RED slow blink Cellular connection lost. Required to back off before retrying.

The SERVER indicator

fast RED blink No connection to server. Logic is not active.
RED No connection to server. Logic is running.
fast GREEN blink Connected to server. Logic is not active.
GREEN Connected to server. Logic is running.

It is normal that the server LED will flicker while green. This indicates normal communication activity.

The button on the ezeio can be used to override normal startup.


To force default communication settings (Ethernet DHCP and default cell modem settings), simply hold the button while power is applied, and keep holding the button until the LED startup roll is finished. Then release the button. This will also prevent any scripts and drivers to run.

The ezeio will revert to the programmed settings after the next reset.


The Ethernet IP setting can be forced to by holding the button when power is applied, but release the button during the LED startup roll. This only affects the Ethernet IP address. All other functions operate as normal.

The ezeio will revert to the programmed settings after the next reset.


By pushing down the button during the startup roll, and holding it until the roll completes, the ezeio will start without running any scripts or drivers. The scripts can be started again by pushing the button once, or by restarting the ezeio.


The scripts and drivers can be stopped any time during runtime by clicking the button twice. To restart the scripts and drivers, push the button once. If the ezeio is restarted the scripts will still start normally.

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