The eze.io user interface (UI) is accessible using most Internet browsers, such as Google's Chrome, Mozilla's Firefox, Microsoft's Edge, and Apple's Safari. So, there is no software to download and you can use any PC, laptop, or tablet. Navigating the interface on a small phone screen may be inconvenient due to the amount of information presented by the UI.

The UI is divided into two levels, manage and configure. The manage screen is designed for viewing data, simple controls, as well as user and system administration. Many users will have no need for access beyond this level and some will have restricted access within it. The configure screen is, as the name implies, for configuring individual ezeio controllers. The term configure is used because, in most cases, no programming is required. Adding sensors, relays and other devices can be done with a few clicks of a mouse. The next two sections of the manual will discuss the manage and configure screens in grater detail.

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