The ezeio is designed for use in a dry and clean location, such as indoors or in a protected wiring/electronics cabinet. Do not expose the ezeio to rain, direct sunshine, chemicals or excessive dust. Avoid extreme temperatures. Please see technical specifications for acceptable ranges.

The ezeio is a low voltage device. Never connect high voltages or currents to the ezeio, and only use the supplied or specified power supply to power the ezeio.

Do not run wires that connects to the ezeio (Ethernet, Modbus, CAN, SDI-12, inputs/outputs, antenna), together with high voltage/current wiring. Use separate conduits whenever possible, and avoid environments with excessive RF or magnetic interference, as this may cause malfunction or even damage the ezeio.

Take necessary precautions to avoid large static discharges onto the ezeio or its connections.

To reduce risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose this product to rain or moisture. This product is designed for use indoors and only with the supplied AC adapter.

Unplug the AC adapter before working with any connections.

The ezeio® is a low voltage device.

Never connect high voltage to the inputs or outputs.

No user serviceable parts inside.

Do not open the ezeio enclosure. Breaking the warranty seal will void the warranty.

The radio is designed to have an antenna connected at all times, and may take harm from running without the antenna. Always make sure the antenna is connected before connecting the ezeio® to power.

The ezeio is not a fool-proof device. If set up incorrectly, it may not provide the intended functionality.

The ezeio is not trivial. While we have put a lot of effort into making the ezeio as easy as possible to use, it still requires experience with electrical circuits and logic flow. The ezeio is designed for professionals, not as a consumer product.

Do not use the ezeio for safety critical applications. Always consider what effects a malfunction of the ezeio and/or any external device/sensor may have, and ensure no damage to equipment or personnel can be caused by a failure in ezeio hardware, logic or by misuse of the system.

The ezeio is not designed with hardware redundancy. The ezeio is not designed for safety-critical applications.

The ezeio communicates using the Internet. Communication interruptions should be expected, and may be more or less frequent depending on region, infrastructure, weather, network service, political issues etc. Network issues like these are outside the control of eze System.

The ezeio system is designed to be highly reliable and robust. While we continuously monitor and maintain the hardware, firmware and software that is under our control, some features and functions relies on third party services. These include, but are not limited to;

  • Network connectivity (cellular and/or hardwired)
  • Email, SMS and other messaging services
  • Internet hosted services

We carefully select reliable service partners, but eze System has no direct control of these services, and can not make any claims as to availability, suitability or accept any responsibility for any third party service.

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