Retrieve the most recent known status of an ezeio.



This will retrieve the most recently reported status of the given controller. Note that the information is taken from the servers most recent status. This message does not generate traffic to the actual controller. Thus, it is normal that this status can be up to 10 minutes old.


serial ezeio serial number (XYZ123)
sections (optional) Limit the reply to certain sections. Default is to receive all available data.
fields (optional) Limit the reply to certain fields. Default is to receive all fields.

Example usage

Fetch full status record from serial XYZ123


Return value

JSON formatted data

(below example has added whitespaces for readability)

    "name":"Test unit in lab",
    "note":"Here is a note",
      "name":"Temp (C)",
      "name":"Temp (F)",
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