Return data from the event log




serial The serial number of the ezeio (XYZ987)
from=datetime The beginning of the range. Format per RFC3339, or 1m/1h/1d
to=datetime The end of the range. Format per RFC3339. If omitted, current time is assumed.

The from parameter can be given as number of minutes/hours/days relative to current time. For example from=90m means “90 minutes ago”.

Under no circumstances will the call return more than 300 rows of data.

Example usage


Return value

JSON formatted data including the event specifics as well as a snapshot of all field values at the time of the event.

(below examples have whitespaces added for readability)

Example query:
    "actionname":"My homemade script",
    "message":"The text sent from the script call",
      "name":"Test board 144",
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