Located on the “Manage” level of the eze.io user interface, the Systems tab is where the ezeio controllers reside within a group. From this tab you can add or remove controllers, view their status, graph historical data and access event logs.

This table lists the controllers assigned to the group with columns for serial number, name, notes, status, and the button linking to the configuration screen for each ezeio.

The information in the first three columns can be added to alarm messages by use of message template tags. Serial Number = [EZEID], Name = [EZENAME], User Note = [EZENOTE]

  • Serial Number - This number is assigned by the manufacture and cannot be changed.
  • ezeio Name - This name is user defined and edited through the ezeio's System settings under, the System tab in each controllers configuration.
  • User note - This text is user defined and edited through the ezeio's System settings, under the System tab in each controllers configuration. This provides the opportunity to deliver additional information about the system, sensors or asset the ezeio is connected to. This information can also be sent as part of an alarm message using the Message Template Tag [EZENOTE].
  • ezeio Status - Icons in this column indicate status of the connection, location, and synchronization with the server.

The lower half of the Systems page is where you can view, graph and download the data made available from a selected ezeio's Fields. The map tab shows the location of all controller in the group.

Status Tab

Clicking on the status tab (if not already shown by default) will reveal a table of exposed Fields. Columns from left to right are; 10 minute log graphing check box, Fast log graphing check box, Field name, View, Value, and unit.

  • 10 minute log graphing check box - All Fields are logged at 10 minute intervals by default. Check the box next to desired data point to include in graph.
  • Fast log graphing check box - If configured for fast logging, the check box will be outlined in dark gray. Check the box next to desired data point to include in graph.
  • Name - Driver or user defined name of Field.
  • View - Is a alternative way of displaying a Field value.
  • Value - This number can represent many things including a measurement, status, set point.
  • Unit - Driver or user defined unit of measure.

Graph Tab

This feature provides an interactive visualization of logged data in line graph form. The user can specify the Fields (data channels), date range, and aggregation method.

Before clicking on the Graph tab, select the Fields you want to include in the graph by checking the associated box on the far left. If you have the optional “Fast Logging” set on any of your “Fields”, the associated checkbox in the second column from the left will be outlined in dark gray.

After selecting your Fields, click the Graph tab. The default view displays 10 days plus the current days readings.

Graph time stamps are based on the users browser time. The most resent log entry will be minutes prior to the time shown on your computer, tablet or phone.

Downloaded .csv files are always Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

  • Zoom - Click-Hold and Drag from upper left to lower right to zoom in on an area of the graph. Users can zoom in multiple times. Click the “circle back” in the upper right of the graph to return to the full date range.
  • Date range - The current date range is shown in the lower left of the graph tool. Beside it is a calendar icon. Click here to bring up to the data range selector. Click on the right and left arrow to move backwards or forward month by month. Click on the calendars title to bring up a list of months, Click again to bring up a list of years. Once you have navigated to the correct starting and ending months, select first the start day of your desired range, then the end day. When your selection is made, click “Done” to retire the calendar, then click Update to apply the changes to the graph. The “Today” link can be used as a quick preset to narrow the graph down to the current day.

Event Log Tab

Map Tab

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