Helper function to calculate the sun's position at a given time and position on the earth.


SunPosition( &Float:Elevation, &Float:Azimuth, Float:Lat, Float:Lng, time )

The function calculates the sun's position (Elevation & Azimuth) at the given lat/long coordinate at the given time.

The function does not compensate for altitude, but assumes sea level.


Elevation Variable to receive the result elevation in meters
Azimuth Variable to receive the result azimuth in degrees
Lat Latitude in degrees
Lng Longitude in degrees
time UTC time as seconds since epoch (unixtime)

If Lat/Lng and time are not submitted, the current GPS position and current time is assumed

Return value

The function does not return a value, but sets the Elevation and Azimuth variables.

Example usage

   new Float:el;
   new Float:az;
   SunPosition( el, az, 38.67, -121.15, 1597439230 );
   // Sun position in Folsom, CA on August 14 2020 @ 14:07 local time (21:07 UTC)
   // el = 62.2 degrees, az = 211.4 degrees (rounded)
   // Using GPS/current time as defaults, omitting location and time parameters:  
   SunPostition( el, az );
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