Set a timer or interval


SetTimer( timernumber, timeout, parameter=0, repeat=0 )

Set up a timer with a timeout (in milliseconds) and an optional user supplied parameter. There are four independent timers available to each script.

After the given timeout, the “@Timer” event handler function will be called.

To cancel a timer, simply set the interval to 0 like this: SetTimer(0, 0)


timernumber Timer number 0-3
timeout Timeout in milliseconds, 1-3600000 (1h max)
parameter User defined value
repeat Number of times to repeat the timer (0-1000), or TIMER_INF for infinite

Return value


Example usage

        SetTimer(0, 5000, 1234, TIMER_INF);  // Set up timer to call back every 5 seconds
    @Timer(timerno, timeout, param) 
        // Code to run every time the timer expires
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