Change value of a given system parameter


SetSystemItem( item, value )

Change the value of a given system parameter


item The system item to set (see below)
value The new value
Parameter Description
SYSITEM_GPSX GPS latitude in degrees x 106
SYSITEM_GPSY GPS longitude in degrees x 106
SYSITEM_GPSZ GPS elevation in meters x 10
SYSITEM_GPSSIGNAL Received signal level from GPS
SYSITEM_CELLINHIBIT 0=normal operation. >0 cellular modem is off
SYSITEM_GPSLOCK 0=No current GPS position. 1=GPS position current
SYSITEM_OUT3RCPWM 0=0-100% duty cycle, 1=1-2ms pulse for RC servo

Return value


Example usage

   SetSystemItem( SYSITEM_CELLINHIBIT, 600 );  // Power off the cell modem for 10 minutes   
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