Set the input mode on a native ezeio input.


SetInputMode( inputno, mode )

This will set the hardware input mode on a ezeio input. The command only works on native ezeio inputs - on the ezeio controller or ezeio expansion I/O devices. Third party modules use different methods to change input configuration.


inputno Input number to change. Inputs 1-8 are on the ezeio. Use “DVCn+inputno” for expansion devices
mode The desired mode. See below.

Available modes:

Mode Hardware config Input unit Range
INMODE_10V High impedance, >60kΩ mV (Volt) 0-10000mV
INMODE_30mA 200Ω shunt to ground μA (current) 0-30000μA
INMODE_PULLUP Weak pull-up to +5V, <1mA Ohm (resistance) 0-1000000Ω
INMODE_TEST internal test mode
INMODE_PULSE_EXCITE Weak pull-up to +5V, <1mA mHz (frequency) 0-400000mHz
INMODE_PULSE High impedance, >60kΩ mHz (frequency) 0-400000mHz
INMODE_THERMISTOR_10k_2 Weak pull-up to +5V, <1mA °K x100 (Kelvin) 20000-70000 (200-700°K)
INMODE_THERMISTOR_10k_3 Weak pull-up to +5V, <1mA °K x100 (Kelvin) 20000-70000 (200-700°K)
INMODE_THERMISTOR_10kB3380 Weak pull-up to +5V, <1mA °K x100 (Kelvin) 20000-70000 (200-700°K)
INMODE_THERMISTOR_2k2 Weak pull-up to +5V, <1mA °K x100 (Kelvin) 20000-70000 (200-700°K)
INMODE_THERMISTOR_100k Weak pull-up to +5V, <1mA °K x100 (Kelvin) 20000-70000 (200-700°K)
INMODE_RTD_PT1000 Weak pull-up to +5V, <1mA °K x100 (Kelvin) 20000-70000 (200-700°K)

Return value


Example usage

   SetInputMode(3, INMODE_30mA);                  // Set input 3 on ezeio to measure current
   SetInputMode(DVC3+1, INMODE_THERMISTOR_10k_2); // Set input 1 on I/O expansion 3 to measure a thermistor
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