Fetch the value of a given system parameter


GetSystemItem( item )

Returns the value of a given system parameter


item The system item to return (see below)
Parameter Description
SYSITEM_GPSX GPS latitude in degrees x 106
SYSITEM_GPSY GPS longitude in degrees x 106
SYSITEM_GPSZ GPS elevation in meters x 10
SYSITEM_GPSSIGNAL Received signal level from GPS
SYSITEM_UPTIME Number of seconds since last restart
SYSITEM_CELLINHIBIT 0=normal operation. >0 cellular modem is off, remaining seconds
SYSITEM_RSSI Received signal level for cellular modem (0=no signal. 31=max signal strength)
SYSITEM_ETHLINK 0=No Ethernet connection. 1=Ethernet connection detected
SYSITEM_ETHCONN 0=Not using Ethernet connection. 1=Using Ethernet connection
SYSITEM_CELLCONN 0=Not using cellular connection. 1=Using cellular connection
SYSITEM_GPSLOCK 0=No current GPS position. 1=GPS position current
SYSITEM_YEAR Real time clock, year
SYSITEM_MONTH Real time clock, month
SYSITEM_DAY Real time clock, day
SYSITEM_WDAY Real time clock, weekday (0=Sunday, 6=Saturday)
SYSITEM_YDAY Real time clock, day of year
SYSITEM_HOUR Real time clock, hour
SYSITEM_MINUTE Real time clock, minutes
SYSITEM_SECOND Real time clock, seconds
SYSITEM_EPOCH Real time clock, Epoch (number of seconds since 1970-01-01)
SYSITEM_RND Random number
SYSITEM_OUT3RCPWM Output 3 mode (0=0-100%, 1=1-2ms servo)
SYSITEM_RESETCAUSE Cause of last hardware reset, bitmap or RESETCAUSE flags defined below
SYSITEM_SCRIPT_RESETCAUSE Cause of last script restart, current script (see below)
Flags returned by SYSITEM_RESETCAUSE
constant meaning
RESETCAUSE_EXT Any external reset
RESETCAUSE_POR Board was powered on
RESETCAUSE_BOR Board detected brown-out (voltage dip)
RESETCAUSE_BOR Software caused the reset
RESETCAUSE_WDOG Internal watchdog caused the reset
RESETCAUSE_HIB Board woke up from hibernation
constant meaning
SCRIPT_BOOT Script started due to board reset
SCRIPT_ERROR Script restarted due to script error
SCRIPT_USER Script restarted by user
SCRIPT_CHANGE Script restarted due to config change
SCRIPT_BUTTON Script restarted with hardware button

Return value

Depends on parameter requested. See above.

Example usage

   new x;
   x = GetSystemItem(SYSITEM_YEAR);
   // x is now 2019 (as of this writing)
     // this code will run if board came back from a hibernation cycle
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