Get the state of an output


GetOutput( outputno )

Return the current state of a native ezeio output. The output value is always in percent , 0-100. For digital outputs, any value 50 and higher will set the output to ON (100%).

Output 1-4 are the on-board ezeio outputs.
To reference outputs on ezeio expansion units, use “DVCn + output number”. See example below.

This command only works to control native ezeio outputs. To control outputs on third party modules, use the appropriately mapped registers. See documentation for the relevant driver.


outputno Output number

Return value

Output value in percent (0-100)

Example usage

   new x;
   SetOutput(4, 31);   // Set the on-board analog output to 3.1V.
   x = GetOutput(4);   // Read the output value
   // x now has the value 31
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