Return the current information about the alarm


GetAlarmInfo( alarmno, mode )

Fetch the given information about the current alarm state.


alarmno The alarm number
mode One of the modes below

mode parameter, one of:

AL_STATE The alarm state (1=in alarm, 0=not in alarm)
AL_HOLDOFF The remaining time on the holdoff timer (seconds x10, so 100 = 10s)
AL_ALARMHOLDOFF The alarm holdoff setting (seconds x10, so 100 = 10s)
AL_RESTOREHOLDOFF The restore holdoff setting (seconds x10, so 100 = 10s)
AL_ISALARM Returns 1 if the alarm condition is true. Otherwise 0
AL_ISRESTORE Return 1 if the restore condition is true. Otherwise 0
AL_RETRIGCOUNT Number of times the alarm has be re-triggered
AL_RETRIGDELAY Time remaining on the alarm retrigger delay (seconds x10, so 100 = 10s)
AL_RETRIGCOUNTSET Retrigger count configured
AL_RETRIGDELAYSET Retrigger delay configured (seconds x10, so 100 = 10s)

Return value

Returns the requested information based on the mode parameter.

Example usage

   new ds = GetAlarmInfo(10, AL_HOLDOFF);
   // ds is the number of 10th of seconds remaining on the holdoff   
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