Extract a single parameter from a CSV formatted string.


CSVtoInt( const data[], item, decimals )

Extract single numeric parameter from a CSV formatted string.


data CSV formatted string
item Which item to extract. The first item is 1.
decimals Number of decimals to extract

Assuming the input data is properly formatted as a CSV string (comma separated), this command finds the item by count and evaluates the item as a number. If decimals is larger than 0, that number of decimals will be added, and the resulting integer multiplied by 10 for each decimal.

Return value

The integer value of the item.

Example usage

   new val;
   new csvdata{} = "123, 1234.56, \"some string\", \"more data\"";
   val = CSVtoInt( csvdata, 2, 3 ); 
   // val will be 1234560
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