The ezeio shall be powered from a DC (Direct Current) source, such as a AC/DC adapter, power supply or battery. Use only supplied or recommended power supplies with the ezeio.

Self draw

Min Max Comment
Input voltage 11V 1) 30V DC
Current 30mA 2) 400mA 3) 70mA average at 12V
Power 50mW 5W 4) 0.8W average when using CAT-M1

Note; the above power consumption does not include any external connections.

The ezeio will start operating as soon as power is applied. There is no power switch. The ezeio is designed to stay powered at all times. There are no moving mechanical parts or anything that causes wear on the hardware. It generates very little heat. There is no need for ventilation.

The power can be connected either via the DC Barrel jack on the top of the unit, or on the screw terminal. Do not supply power from more than one source at the same time.

If powered from the DC barrel jack, the screw terminals marked '+V' can be used to route power to other devices. Please be careful to not overload the power supply. Do not load the 'Batt' output with more than 500mA. Do not load the 'Supply' terminal with more than 200mA.

The terminal in the middle, marked 'Supply +V' is protected with a resettable fuse that will limit the output to about 200mA. There is no fuse on the Batt +V terminal.

All the terminals marked with a ground symbol are electrically connected together internally. This is also the same ground as the sleeve of the barrel jack, and the antenna connector.

Power connections on the green terminal

Terminal Max current Purpose
Supply +5 200mA Regulated 5V DC output for powering sensors/GPS that require a regulated 5V supply.
Supply +V 200mA Same voltage as the supply voltage. Fused with PTC. Intended to be used to power sensors that connects to the discrete inputs.
Batt +V 500mA Same voltage as the supply voltage. Not fused. May be used as either a power input 5) or output to power sensors and devices. Please make sure not to exceed 500mA. If higher current is required, use a separate power supply.

Excitation current for passive sensors

When an input is configured for Resistive or Pulse mode, an internal switch will apply +5V through a 4870 Ohm resistor to the input terminal. There is usually no need for external excitation.


The outputs puts out the supply DC voltage when turned on. Do not exceed 100mA on output 1-3. Do not exceed 20mA on output 4 (analog).

The ezeio will operate on as little as 7V, but the analog output will not be able to supply 10V output when the supply voltage is less than 11V
In normal operation and at 30V
3) , 4)
Short bursts, while transmitting
Only use the Batt +V terminal for input if the barrel jack is not used.
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