Return the current status of a device.


ds( deviceno, subject )

This function returns the current status of a device or the aggregate status of all devices.


deviceno Device number (1 - 40). If 0 (zero), the function returns the aggregate status of ALL devices.
subject Subject to request (see below)
Subject Description
DVCSTAT_BATTVOLT Battery/supply voltage in mV
DVCSTAT_SIGNAL Signal level, typically 0-100%
DVCSTAT_COMMCOUNT Comm count, typically count of valid messages
DVCSTAT_COMMERR Comm error count, typically number of failed communication attempts
DVCSTAT_LASTCOMM Last comm, EPOCH timestamp of last successful communication
DVCSTAT_COMMSTAT Device communication status (0-7, where 0=unknown, 1=error, 2,3,4=warning, 5,6,7=ideal)
DVCSTAT_OPSTAT Device operational status (0-3, where 0=unknown, 1=error, 2=warning, 3=nominal)
DVCSTAT_APPSTAT Device application status (0-7, where 0=unknown, 1=error, 2,3,4=warning, 5,6,7=nominal)
DVCSTAT_STAT Aggregated status (0-3, 0=unknown, 1=error, 2=warning, 3=ok)

Return value

Returns the current status value of the subject requested.

Example usage


Returns the communication error count from device 2.

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