Groups (group tree)

The Groups sidebar occupies the left side of the Manage screen. It is visible unless full screen is selected for Dashboards. This feature allows the user to locate, search, and select groups (and accounts), through the use of the search field and group tree.

Search for an ezeio, a group, or an account, by entering a partial or whole name. Or enter a complete serial number to find a specific ezeio controller.

Serial Number

Entering an ezeio's serial number (with or without dash) will automatically select the group (or account) containing the ezeio (no need to press Enter). The group will be highlighted in the group tree. If the Systems tab is selected, the ezeio will be highlighted/selected in the controller table.

Group Name or ezeio Name

Entering a string of characters that is present in the group/ezeio you are looking for, will narrow the branches shown (in the group tree) to only those with groups that match the search. Pressing the Enter key at any point will bring up a dialog box with ezeio names that match the results. If only one match is found, the group containing that ezeio will be selected.

No Match

If no match is found, the group tree will be empty. In the case of a serial number search, the text “No match found” will appear below the group tree's header.

The group are like folders on your computer. The group tree shows them as branches cascading down from their parent group or account. The + and - icons indicate expandable/collapsible branches. Accounts are identified by the solid grey folder icons, where as group folder icon is a grey outline .

Adding groups

First select the parent group/account you would like your new group to reside under. Then click the green Add Group button at the bottom of the side bar. A dialog box with appear allowing you to enter a name for your new group and a description if you wish. Finish by clicking the Add Group button of the dialog box.

Moving groups

Groups can be dragged to a new location within an account or sub account structure. Groups cannot be moved between accounts. Left click-hold and drag to the desired parent group. Release while hovering over the intended group and release. A dialog box will appear asking “Are you sure you want to move _ to _”. The group will be positioned as a sub-group of the group referenced in the dialog box. Click on Move Group to proceed.

Deleting groups

Groups can be delete if they contain no ezeio controllers. This is done from the Manage Group and Account panel under the Group Settings tab.

Any users that were invited to a group that has been deleted will have there access and privileges deleted. They will still have a user record, but if the deleted group was the only group they were invited to, they will have no access. If it is not your intention to remove the users access, we recommend inviting them to another group before deleting the group you want to remove.

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