Destinations & Destination Lists


Destinations are the endpoints for messages sent via “Alarm Actions”. These endpoints are typically various methods of connecting with human recipients, but API calls to other software programs is also an option. The “Destination” tab for each “Group” is like a address book, but since each destination is a single endpoint an individual human recipient may have multiple entries to list; email, cell phone, and text.

Endpoint Type Action Example
Send email Directs message to the email address entered john.smith@mybiz.com
Post http(s) Message Directs Message to the server address entered https://my.server.com/script
Send SMS Directs text message to the phone number entered US: +12125551234 AU: +6130717523456
Call phone with voice message Directs a voice message to the phone number entered US: +12125551234 AU: +6130717523456
Send to Pushover Directs a text message to an individual through the Pushover app, using their Pushover key :abc123def456abc123def456abc123xy

Destination Lists

It is typical for alarm messages to be sent to multiple destinations. Destinations Lists allow you to create groups like “Field Techs”, “2nd Shift”, or “Office staff”. These groups are then selected from the drop-down-menu of the Alarm and/or Restore Actions. A Destination can be assigned to multiple lists.

Creating Destination Lists

Add List - The + Add List button at the top of the left-hand panel, under the Destination List tab, is where you create and name a new list. You may also choose to activate the list now.

Add List Step - The + Add List Step button at the top of the right-hand panel allows you to add Destinations to a list (new or old). The only requirements to adding a List Step are, select the Destination from the drop-down-menu and click Save changes. Optionally you may want to customize the Message Template. For more information on see Message Templates and Message Template Tags.

Managing Destination Lists

When an employee is added, promoted or leaves the company, this requires changes to potentially hundreds of alarms. Destination Lists allow you to make that change in one place. Add or remove a Destination from the List Step, save the changes and the change will be reflected on all the alarms using that Destination List.

Editing Destination Lists - The pencil and trash can icons under the Destination Lists' Edit column allow users, with adequate privileges, to change the name, active/inactive status or delete a Destination list.

Editing List Steps - The pencil and trash can icons under the List Steps' Edit column allow users, with adequate privileges, to swap Destinations, edit Message Templates, or delete the List Steps.


Message Templates

The Message Template allows a user with adequate privileges, to customize the message assigned to each List Step (Destination) using plain text and Message Template tags. The Default message templates are tailored to the Destination Type, making the default SMS messages shorter than email. You can also choose to give more or different information to some Destinations (recipients). Message Template Tags allow the message to contain current field values, device status, system info, meta data, even a Google maps link with the units location.

Default SMS Message Template

Message structure Message item tags
Sender server phone # Not customizable
Body Message Type, Action Name Not customizable
Body Alarm Action Message, Time [ACTIONMESSAGE] [ISOTIME]

Default email Message Template

Message structure Message item tags
Sender ezeio S/N, Name Not customizable
Subject Message Type, Action Name [SOURCENAME] [ACTIONAME]
Body Alarm Action Message, Date, Time [ACTIONMESSAGE] [ISODATE] [ISOTIME]
Footer (Fixed) https://ezeio & ezeio serial # Not customizable

Customizing the subject

Customize an email Message Template by adding your own Subject text or tags followed by the special character “|”. Text and tags before the “|” will be formatted as the subject line, everything after the “|” will be formatted as the body of the email.


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