This tool can be used in many ways for many purposes, such as operational hours and irrigation schedules. The “Scheduler's” features allow for a great amount of flexibility. The schedules are passive in nature having no directly connected actions. The result of a schedule is a status of; “inactive” (value = 0) or “active” (value = 1). This status can be used in any expression (such as a Field's Data expression, an Alarm condition) or in the user script.

  • A max of 30 schedules are allowed
  • Each schedule can have multiple start and stop times within a 24 hour cycle
  • Each schedule can be active on any number of days of the week and effected by any number of “day types”
  • A schedule can only be effected by “day types” in one way. Not on day type, Or on day type, or And on day type

Not on, Or on, And on logic

logic option Description Example
Not on Overrides schedule if day type/s present Follow Tues-Thurs schedule, but not on Holiday day type
Or on Applies same schedule on day type/s selected Saturdays or Holiday day type
And on Active on the day/s of the week and selected day type/s

Schedule table

Alarms are listed by number and name on the Schedule table. Click on the desired schedule to view or edit settings.

Use the “Add Schedule” button at the bottom of the table to create a new schedule.

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