Decode an UU-encoded string


uuencode( dest[], const source[], maxlength=sizeof dest )

This function always creates a packed string. The string has a newline character at the end.

Binary data is encoded in chunks of 45 bytes. To extract 45 bytes from an array with data, possibly from a byte-aligned address, you can use the function memcpy.

A buffer may be encoded “in-place” if the destination buffer is large enough. Endian issues (for multi-byte values in the data stream) are not handled.

NOTE: This is a rarely needed command for ezeio programming.


dest The buffer that will hold the encoded data
source The plaintext source buffer
maxlength (optional) The size of dest in cells. If the length of dest would exceed maxlength cells, the result is truncated.

Return value

Returns the number of characters encoded, excluding the zero string terminator; if the dest buffer is too small, not all bytes are stored.

Example usage

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